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      My name is Brett LeMarr. I am the owner of LeMarr Construction, LLC. As a native Tucsonian, I attended Sahauro High School and graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering... read more >>


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  • Unique Fee-Based Construction


    pay only True construction costs
    You pay only the TRUE CONSTRUCTION costs to build your home plus a Flat-Fee builder fee. It’s simple, honest, transparent and equitable. It removes all the anxiety from the budget process. Every line item goes through a competitive bid process with the results completely visible so you know exactly what it costs to build your home. We don’t use cost plus contracts so clients don’t pay needless mark ups. We don’t use time & materials contracts so clients don’t pay more because of a slow pace construction schedule. The result is a quality home built in a timely manner that is ultimately worth more than you pay for! Our projects encompass custom home building and multi family contracting. Each receives the utmost attention to every detail and all our homes complement established neighborhoods.

    Open Book Policy
    LeMarr Construction open book policy allows clients to see exactly what they are paying for. All the sub-contractors employed in our construction process are masters of their trades and share our commitment to quality. We will get all the bids for building the new home, including: site preparation, foundation, framing, hvac, plumbing and electrical, all the way up through roofing, stucco, painting, cabinetry, flooring, the finish trim work and more. The client will then pick which sub contractors they would like to complete each part of their new home and then pay each sub contractor directly when the work is finished.

    Industry Insider Pricing
    When building a custom home, sub contractors, who build each of the homes parts, will generally give a contractor they work with on a regular basis up to 20% off of their regular rates. Clients who choose to have LeMarr Construction build their new home through LeMarr's Flat Fee Contractor Management Service will reap the huge benefits of getting contractor pricing, instead of non-contractor pricing.

    Benefits of our Process

    1. 1. Serve as an objective, experienced Owner’s Representative to protect the Client’s and project’s best interests first and foremost.

    2. 2. Help select the right sub contractors and provide scope of works for each trade.

    3. 3. Reduce overall project costs, usually well in excess of our fees. Savings include enhanced competitive bidding, value engineering, reduction in time, and elimination of unnecessary scope and cost.

    4. 4. Centralize communication, acting as project liaison to fully and seamlessly integrate all participants.

    5. 5. Advise the Client on retention of the best qualified and appropriate project team.

    6. 6. Enhance quality control to reduce potential for defects and poor workmanship.

    7. 7. Assist in setting up a realistic and reliable budget.

    8. 8. Optimize and accelerate the design and construction schedule.

    9. 9. Protect the Owner from unnecessary liability.

    10. 10. Provide management expertise, applying resources wherever needed.

  • Outstanding Track Record of Satisfied Customers

    RO Development, Inc, construction & consulting services for Townhomes at two infill subdivisions with attached & freestanding Townhomes, The Commons on Allan road & Mountain Hollow on Limberlost. (2007/Current) 12 units.  Barner Residence, 365sf addition @ Tucson Country Club, Adobe walls, finished concrete floors, completion 2010.  DKP Architects, home office renovation, complete green sustainable, zero VOC remodel for David Plotkin 2010.  Barkley Residence, new construction 2258sf Green sustainable Custom home, completion summer 2010.  Push Ridge Properties, LLC, consulting services for developer of high end Townhomes at La Reserve Villa’s. (2007)  Empire West Companies, Cary Marmis, consulting service for The United Companies, 220 Unit Apartment Complex.  Martinez Residence, Infill custom barrio home & casita in the historic downtown district of Tucson, 2007/2008  Louchheim Residence, custom green remodel of kitchen, master bedroom & bathroom, powder room & home office.  Hawkins Residence, custom remodel of master Bathroom with green and sustainable design by Juliann Berens.  Lotus Moon Companies, fabrication of road set for product display, organic skin care products, Lake Louise owner.  Boone Residence, kitchen remodel and replacement of custom cabinets and granite countertops & plumbing fixtures.  LeMarr Properties, construction of 5000sf commercial warehouse in Rita Park for the Stovetop Companies, 2008.  Creative Touch Interiors, Design Center & cabinets, countertops & flooring contractors to the Tucson home builders.  Wilson Residence, consulting services for the first Earthship to be constructed in Tucson built by the owners & trades  Interior Innovations, interior finishes for second location Design Center at Butterfield Park, Tucson. 2009  Baker, Peterson, Baker & Associates Inc. consulting services for cost analysis townhome subdivision appraisals.  Jones Residence, completion of high-end custom green home in Fingerrock featured on the Opera league tour. 2009  Rech Residence, construction of 3500sf custom green sustainable home on 3 acre hilltop location, completion 2010  Orr Residence, construction of 3000sf custom green ICF block home, with sustainable elements, completion 2010  Hullar Residence, custom remodel of exterior porches & patio’s, interior remodel, @ the Village Academy in Tucson.  Schwartz Residence, green addition and remodel as featured on the Green Planet’s,” Renovation Nation” 2009  Schuette Properties, real estate properties, restore & turn homes ready for re-sale Tucson 2009  Kozolchyk Residence, general restoration repairs to residence, drainage and landscape improvements.2009  Simpson Residence, LEED for homes renovation with goal to achieve first platinum status in Tucson 2009/2010  Hennessey Investments, conceptual & preliminary design build of ground breaking new future sustainable homes.

  • Executive Team:

    Brett LeMarr & Francis Maasland bring decades of General Contractor & Consultanting experience and expertise in Green and Sustainable Building practices, Applied Building science, and incorporate Advanced Framing techniques. Their combined experience ranges from subdivision development & line building, large commercial space rebuild projects to high-end individual custom homes, apartment renovations, additions, remodels, infill construction to feature film sets and military housing projects. Featured Tucson Contractor on the Planet Green, “Renovation Nation” for the Discovery Channel 2009.

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    Lemarr Construction
    Tucson office (Brett Lemarr)

    8233 S. Camino de Cafe
    Tucson, AZ 85747


    Phoenix office (Francis Maasland)

    Phoenix, AZ


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  • Francis Maasland

    Born in the Netherlands in 1962, Francis Maasland was raised in an environment where green living occurred as a natural response to the lack of resources available after WW II. From Francis's perspective, green building had always been available, and it was something he took for granted until he joined a family contracting firm in New York City in 1984. At that point, he became aware of the large amount of waste produced by the construction industry. Francis began to incorporate healthy building strategies as an insurance contractor in Seattle, where he co-founded TRE EGGERT Construction in 1994. “Once I started to process all the claims for reconstructing water damaged homes, I found large amounts of mold. Customers were already aware of the dangers of mold and I felt it was my responsibility to address their concerns”. I also wanted my customers to have an awareness of volatile organic compounds emitted from new building materials such as cabinetry, carpet and paints. Francis began reducing VOC emissions by combining careful material selection, avoiding products that emitted gases such as formaldehyde, or promoted the growth of mold by applying responsible building practices. When Francis began working as a construction manager for a national production home builder in Tucson, he realized the trend of tightening the building envelope to create more energy efficiency was limiting fresh air infiltration. “While the consumer had a more efficient home from an energy perspective, high VOCs from carpets, vinyl floors, glues, cabinets, and paint started causing issues for the homeowners because the structure was not “breathing” enough to allow the gases to dissipate. Homeowners were potentially breathing polluted air.” In 2004 Francis became LEED certified while working as an Estimator in The Sundt Companies’ military division’s procurement department. In 2005 Francis was hired as the Operations Manager for Pepper Viner Homes and started to work with his colleague on the new Civano North housing project to change the way it built the traditional home. “I spent a lot of time researching key items for HVAC efficiency, advanced framing techniques and applied building science. Fresh air exchange systems were added to the FAU so that it would burn more efficiently during heating. Programmable thermostats were added to circulate the air as needed. Those homes are extremely efficient and sustainable, and all are certified and documented by 3rd party independent inspectors.” Francis was also becoming keenly aware of his clients' concerns about the cost of building green. As the current contractor for two in-fill town home projects, The Commons and Mountain Hollow, Francis worked with his vendors to incorporate as much free green building techniques as possible. The most important part of this process was not spending more money on product, but educating his peers in the industry. “I aggressively worked with sub-contractors to change habits and offer sustainable, green products, and continuously worked to convince them those alternative products are available to them.” Francis also worked with trades to make sure that if products carrying a high VOC content were installed, the home was properly aired out to dissipate any harmful fumes. Francis believes an obvious step forward for the industry would be for builders to return to their roots and start with the design and layout of the home. “The first rule in architecture is placing the home on the building lot to take advantage of the site, minimizing prolonged sun exposure on the living areas. When you are building on a more restricted setting such as a subdivided community, you might be able to minimize sun exposure by simply flipping the house plan.” He also suggests that if builders take advantage of utility company green programs, and use LEED or similarly accredited HVAC companies, they should be able to construct a home with a HERS rating of sixty. “That would make their home forty percent more efficient than an energy star-rated home, which is several times more efficient than a standard home. By adding three to four percent above the normal cost of a home to increase the HERS rating, you can greatly reduce the tonnage and BTU ratings on equipment, and realize savings on the initial purchase and operating costs.” As Francis sees it, the homebuilding industry has an opportunity to revive itself by focusing on environmental responsibility. By blending education with smart product selection, builders have the tools to begin making simple yet impactful changes. The information to support responsible, savvy design is available, and Francis will continue to champion its awareness. Francis, a LEED Accredited Professional, recently joined Habitat’s Home & Community Design Committee to work on their “Green Initiative” he also serves on the board of Tucson’s USGBC chapter and is the founder of MAASLAND, LLC and co-owner of the newly formed Desert Green Builders with business partner David Blair, who handles all new development and clients. As you would expect, Desert Green Builders is a continuation of Francis’ goal to promote green building. The company builds custom homes and does remodels and tenant improvement projects for clients interested in living and working in energy efficient, sustainable & healthy environments. The company offers its clients different levels of green building. Many of the green building practices the company promotes don’t cost its clients anything extra to implement. Other items add minimal expenses, but usually these expenses are recaptured over time due to lower utility bills.

  • LeMarr Construction

    Native Tucsonian

    The Original LeMarr Construction...
    I started working in construction when I was sixteen for my father’s construction company, (the original LeMarr Construction). My father started his company in the late 70’s and expanded to Sierra Vista, Green Valley and Yuma. I learned the construction process from beginning to end with some of the best craftsman I have ever known. I consider myself fortunate for the experience they taught me. I continued working in the construction field for many years and worked for a large national home builder for over 13 years. Construction management is my skilled profession and in 2009 I decided to start my own company.

    Passion meets ability.
    My customers are becoming conscious of my abilities and the passion I have for my work. The jobs are beginning to grow in size and scope as my business grows. When I work for a customer, my goals are simple; maintain the highest level of quality, be honest and upfront and exceed my customer’s expectations. It is this dedication that will I bring to you.

  • LeMarr Construction Services

    New Residential Construction
    Anyone can build a house. We are building homes. What makes us different is our strict adherence to the proper technical aspects of home construction. For example: advanced framing techniques, moisture management, indoor air quality, proper sequencing and scheduling of work, checklists at every stage of construction, on-site experienced management, carefully selected quality materials throughout and a fit and finish team of carpenters comparable to none. It's details like these that have made LemarrConstruction an acknowledged leader Arizona for quality, customer satisfaction, and value.

    Remodeling has been a large part of our business over the last few years and our team has fully embraced the challenges that we encounter with each different project. It's as simple as giving us your vision, your budget, your dimensions and your time frame. We'll take care of the rest, from design to completion. We thoroughly enjoy working with you to re-design and update your home. Not only will the newly remodeled space function better, but we will ensure that the new space will compliment the existing elements of your home. Our team of carpenters, together with the design center services, guarantees that your remodeling project will be a success.

    Design Center
    We provide you with a professional Design Center to accommodate all of your needs.

    Design Services
    We offer a full range of design services from custom floor plans and elevations for new homes to design and colorize remodeling projects.

    Light Commercial
    Our team has completed light commercial projects, from professional office renovations to tenant improvements. Contact us to see if our skills are a fit for your project.

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